Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation (or Pokemon Universe Season 5) is the fifth season of the Serebii Forum version of the original Pokemon Universe game. It is hosted by Wormow, with auditions starting February 24, 2010, with 20 contestants in two teams. At the moment, the prize for first place winner is one million imaginary dollars and a spot in the top 8 in the next game. Whether second, third and fourth place players wil receive a prize has yet to be confirmed, but is highly unlikely.

The series premiered on February 25, 2010 and is set to air it's finale in mid April.

Season Overview

Host and personalities

  • Host: Shaymin, Gabite ("Trouble Host")
  • Oversea Host Thailand Xatu ("Thailand Host")
  • Scoring Host Munchlax

Game variations

  • Challenge: A challenge is a task you have to do, and if your team wins, you won't go through elimination. However, the losing team will. Challenges vary from courses to translating a piece of text.
  • Uni Challenge: Introduced in the fourth season, after Dialga Plank, there is a Uni challenge. . If you happen to win the challenge, you get to receive Immunity for any of the upcoming eliminations.
  • Immunity: In a Uni challenge, the member who gets first place will receive immunity. Immunity guarantees you another safe spot in the game for week, meaning you can't be voted out in the next elimination.
  • Elimination: If your team has lost a challenge, you and your team-mates will go through elimination. You must post your vote on who you think should go, and why. People with Immunity cannot be eliminated.


Pokemon Universe 6 has been confirmed by Wormow on March 27, 2009 stating that it'll start a few days after the finale of the fifth season. However, it will not follow the two team format again, but start off as indivisuals with the yellow line back into play. Only 8 people will be in the sixth season, and there are some qualifications that you have to have to enter the game. Auditions started March 27, 2009 and the results will be announced on the day of the game's premiere. More information will be released soon. Pokemon Universe: Back In Action is the current working title for the new game.